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Home And Family Preparation For Advent And The Things To Consider For The Preparation.

The term advent actually means the period of time when people are preparing for a Christmas feast something which maybe done through prayers, fasting or daily devotions by different people although in Catholics they involve advent wreaths, nativity scenes, watching Christmas movies or even movies about saints or cooking.

The first one which is about the prayer should be highly accepted since during this busy times many things may happen and they can only be defended through prayers, arrange time for prayers and meditation in order for you to adequately prepare yourself for the day. In every family there must be children and therefore it is good for the family to organize family devotions something which will stay in their children’s mind for many years and then they will follow the footprints of their parents, the devotions can be done in advent wreath and candles lit around the wreath some weeks around four before the Christmas feast. It is good that every person in the family to be aware of the cerebration of a Christmas feast, however, this can be enable only if you organize a nativity scene in your family few weeks before the feast whereby you can save baby Jesus and the three wise men for the appropriate time in your narration, you will be actually helping many people to get the background information on the feast and also build a great foundation to the children in the family.

Spending time together with your family during the advent season is another very important thing to consider and actually this can be enhanced by watching movies together, cooking together and also playing car and board games together.

The decorations and cooking involved in our homes during the advent season make this day to be missed and loved by many people in the community, remember to decorate your home effectively by hanging lights and greenery in the house since we are waiting for a king to be born, it is always pleasing and people tend to memorize the day in their minds in their whole life. Also arrange on proper cooking of meals during that day day putting in mind that we are preparing for the coming king, sharing is very important In fact try inviting different people from different communities to come and eat with you just as the Christ himself used to do the people.

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