Planning to Elope in Vegas? Here is How to Get Married in the Sin City

On an annual basis, more than 100,000 couples get married all over Vegas. The reason is that because there are many benefits associated with eloping in Vegas that there is no kind of waiting time for a marriage license. After you get married, you will get the license the same day. You can make your wedding in Vegas a quick, affordable and a kitschy affair you as desire it to be. Pay heed to this guide on eloping in Vegas like a power couple.

  1. How to get your marriage license?

Visit the Clark County Marriage Bureau and make sure you are carrying your proper ID along. It can be your driver’s license and social security number and a certain amount of fee. You will easily gain the license the very same day. In order to make this process faster, you can pre-apply online and head to the bureau’s express window. It is open until midnight daily. If you are not looking for a legally binding, and if your idea of eloping in Vegas is just renewing your vows, then you are not required to have a license.

  1. Call ahead and make reservations

Though Vegas is tantamount with the last moment weddings, you might want to call your chosen venue in advance. This is particularly true if you are wanting a package with add-ons like photography, limo service, and flowers. The reason you should call the venue ahead is because it is mostly booked and planned ahead by 6 to 12 months. If you don’t want any kind of hassle, you can hire wedding planning services by Custom Las Vegas Weddings.

  1. Pick your theme

You can choose any themes like the bride, groom, and the guests can dress as superheroes or medieval or western themed nuptials when it comes to eloping in Vegas. If there is a dress code, you might want to check into it before you show up. If you are a lover of traditional norm, you can rent a tux or dress from the local shops.

  1. Don’t get drunk before the ceremony

You might have seen in the movies when two drunk people partying in Vegas decide to have fun by getting married. Wedding experts of Las Vegas state that you should never, never show up drunk at the ceremony. If you are trying to obtain the marriage license drunk, you cannot do it. Even the ministers cannot help you if you are trying to get married drunk. Save the drinking sessions for after the ceremony. You can also have a sit down at a steak house dinner, have your first dance at a nightclub and tribute band be the entertainment for your big day.

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