Want More Privacy In Copenhagen? Find An Apartment Rental!

Copenhagen is a paradise of sorts for travelers. Regardless of whether you are on your honeymoon or want to take the kids along for an extended vacation, Copenhagen is the ideal Scandinavian city. Of course, it is definitely not the cheapest one, much like most cities of Scandinavia, but if you are spending your hard-earned money, you better do it on the right things. When it comes to things to do in Copenhagen, you will have all sorts of choices – palaces, museums, amusement parks and breweries, but we strongly recommend that you book your stay in advance. Instead of hotels, you can consider vacation rentals Copenhagen, and in this post, we are sharing more on advantages and other aspects.

Aren’t hotels cheaper than apartment rentals?

Well, for most cities, this is true, and Copenhagen is no different. However, hotels hardly offer the ambience, space and privacy that people expect on an exotic European holiday. Also, to think of it, if you are traveling in a group of eight people, it would make no sense to have four different rooms, when you can hire an apartment for the same price or a tad more than that. Hotels also have all sorts of restrictions, dos and don’ts, which is not the case with apartments and serviced rentals.

Where to book rentals in Copenhagen?

Østerbro (Copenhagen East) has some really good properties that you can check, and a lot of these rentals have been designed and developed by leading developers, with all the facilities that you may need. Keep in mind that Østerbro is a posh area, but you get to stay with the locals, and all the facilities you need will be available on request.

Things to know

Apartment rentals in Copenhagen are often inclusive of a fully equipped and functional kitchen, which can be an advantage for anyone who wants to cook their own meals. You may have services like access to pool, gym and community facilities, but check in advance, because all choices and benefits may not be the same. Also, most of these serviced apartments are booked months in advance, so it makes sense to check and find all the possible options before you arrive. You can find properties with a sea view, but consider booking as early as possible.

With a good apartment to yourself, Copenhagen will feel different and like home. We promise you will not mind skipping hotels in the future too.

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